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Home » Exclusive: Carson Jones calls out Sam Eggington following O2 victory

Exclusive: Carson Jones calls out Sam Eggington following O2 victory

Eggington powered through the veteran two-weight world title holder with a vicious body shot, although Jones, who is a regular visitor to the UK in recent years following bouts against Kell Brook, Brian Rose, Dean Byrne and Ben Hall, was unimpressed.

“I saw the fight and yes, Sam won and congrats to him but let’s be honest Paulie’s best days were way behind him. I wasn’t really impressed with the performance,” Jones exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s no secret I want Eggington as he’s rated 14 and I’m at 13 in the world with the WBC at 147. I want to build on my ranking.

“I actually thought that it was going to me fighting him on Saturday but it didn’t pan out. But I definitely would love to come back to the UK for a bout with him. I think that is a very fan friendly fight and hopefully, we can make it happen.

“If a fight with Sam was offered next, of course, I’m always open to a return to the UK, that’s like my second home now,” he joked before opening up on his next bout scheduled for next month.

“I’ll be making my return to the ring on April 1st in Minnesota. There’s no opponent just yet but my goal for 2017 is just to stay on track and keep progressing. I need to keep moving up in the 147 ratings and possibly position myself for a world title shot.

“I’ve been around for a while and I think I deserve it,” he added.