Juan Manuel Lopez, Coach Albert Rivera agree to fight for charity

Black Tiger 06/03/2017

On March 17, Juan Manuel Lopez and they will face Albert ‘The Entrenadorcito’ Rivera in a boxing exhibition to benefit several causes.

Many will remember the altercation that both held at the end of the great battle where Juanma knocked Wilfredo Vazquez Jr out at home with 9,000 fans witnessing at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan.

After the fight, Juanma pounced on Rivera and exchanged blows until security separated them. The videos of the incident over a million hits on the Internet.

Now both men will use this great fight to make something nice and profitable. They have organized a great activity to fight over five rounds at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon and all collected funds will go to benefit various causes chosen by the fighters.

lopez rivera

In addition, the night will feature other exhibition bouts between artists and celebrities, music and much more.

Other fights: Orlando ‘The Phenomenon’ Cruz vs. Karlo Alberti, Luis ‘La Roca’ Hernandez vs. Yeye Raymond and Friends. Daniel also Olympic “Saint” Santos will participate in another exhibition match.

In addition, Candente personal quarrel between professional boxing coaches when measured Moises Rosario William Alexis Cruz.

Tickets are on sale in fangig.com and Gustazos.com.