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Home » Mayweather admits hands are tied, McGregor fight UFC’s call

Mayweather admits hands are tied, McGregor fight UFC’s call

The 40 year-old has made it public knowledge he wants to face McGregor in a fight worth upwards of $250 million, although the UFC champion’s ties to Dana White’s organisation mean Mayweather has to wait for his request to be granted.

“I can’t say if it’s going to happen,” Mayweather told the BBC as his UK tour got underway.

“It’s all up to the UFC. I’ve done my part. I’m just waiting. If they want the fight to happen, let’s see.

“When it comes to money, of course, I’m always thinking business.

“But it’s about entertainment. It’s a very, very entertaining match-up,” he added.

UFC boss White would possibly need to be paid considerably should McGregor be allowed to switch to boxing, which could mean a drop in purse for both fighters’ rumored nine-figure checks.

Mayweather coming out of retirement for the fight stipulates he’d be looking to clear $100m flat, whilst McGregor would be the one expected to make the sacrifice necessary to cut White in on the deal.

The more time that ticks away puts the fight in further jeopardy as it’s been almost a year since the first toes were dipped into making Mayweather v McGregor a reality and a deal now firmly hangs in the balance.