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Home » Isaac Lowe continues war of words with Dennis Ceylan

Isaac Lowe continues war of words with Dennis Ceylan

The 23 year-old undefeated British boxer is confident of upsetting the local fighter, and insists that he will be returning to Lancashire with the EBU belt.

“I’m not coming here just to collect a pay cheque and go back home,’’ he says. ‘’I’m coming here to take his belt, and to take his face off, simple as that! I’m a fighter, and this was what I was born to do.

“I’m coming to his hometown, and I’m going to beat him up, and beat him up badly. On March 18, Dennis is going to come at me for twelve rounds and I’m going to come at him for twelve rounds. It’s going to be a war!

“Let the best man win. After the fight, whatever the result, I’ll shake his hand and wish him well, and if he doesn’t, he can kiss my arse.

“I’ve got more heart than King Kong, and Dennis is going to need the whole of Denmark to beat me. I promise you, that belt is coming home with me!”

The European Featherweight Championship clash between Ceylan and Lowe tops an action-packed show in Aarhus, which also features a European title challenge for super bantamweight star Dina Thorslund versus Gabriella Mezei.

Tickets for the Nordic Fight Night are available online via or by calling 70 263 267. All the action will be shown live on Viaplay Fighting across Scandinavia. For more information, please visit