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Home » Arum casts doubt on Pacquiao v Khan clash, says no deal for May 19

Arum casts doubt on Pacquiao v Khan clash, says no deal for May 19

Unlike Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz, who says a deal is in place, Arum says any talk of a fight with Khan is obsolete until Arab backers stump up the $38 million promised to the Filipino Senator earlier this year.

“The point is that this is all so premature,” Arum told ESPN.

“”It’s all bull***t. But Manny is not going to fight in April. I don’t even know if May is feasible. I haven’t even talked to Manny. All it is right now is a discussion. It’s like somebody saying, ‘Hey, let’s build a new stadium for the Raiders in Las Vegas.’ You can say anything, but we’re a long way from it being done.”

“We had a nice meeting, but there’s a lot of work to do before anything materialises. A lot of work. As of now, other than the fact that Michael and I are on the same page as far as the fight not happening in April and that we hope to make something happen, who knows? I have absolutely nothing to report definitively and I am not f***ing around.”

On securing the money which led to the cancellation of an April 23 bout with Australian Jeff Horn, Arum added: “After I met with Koncz I realized everything was up in the air as far as the money [in the UAE]. They punted to me and said, ‘Go find the money.’ So far it hasn’t surfaced,” Arum said, laughing. “Did I discuss a date in May with Michael? Yes. But I’ve got to talk to the people in the Middle East to see if this is real, to see if they can even go on that date in May, to see what venue would be available. Nobody has checked with them. I suggested the date to Koncz, but to say it’s done, again (for May 19), it’s ridiculous.

“This could all go away like the breeze. If you can find the money, if you can find that $38 million, I’ll give you 10%, make it 20%. The point is a lot of these deals take time to put together, to find money and everything. We’re not there,” said Arum.