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Home » ‘Haye knows he can’t pull out’ – Bellew responds to injury claims

‘Haye knows he can’t pull out’ – Bellew responds to injury claims

One ‘news source’ in particular ran a story that Haye was injured and ready to pull out, although the former world champion was simply visiting his Munich doctor for a once over.

Haye has now had his trademark fight night cornrows placed in and Bellew believes the fight will go ahead as planned.

“He can’t pull out. He knows if he pulls out, he is a coward,” Bellew told talkSPORT on Wednesday.

“I have got in his mind but, ultimately, it is not going to matter what I say. All that matters is this Saturday night.

“If he was fighting anybody else but me, I really think he would postpone it.

“If he was fighting Shannon Briggs, Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, any big, dangerous heavyweights, I believe he would postpone it. But because he is facing little old fat Tony Bellew, I think he believes he is going to walk through me and make it a real easy night. But, believe you me, he is in for a nasty, nasty shock.”

Despite being a huge underdog, Bellew has seemed the epitome of calm in the build-up as Haye visibly lost his rag in Liverpool at the press conference on Monday.

Whatever happens, the contest is sure to be an entertaining one for as along as it lasts, which Haye has predicted will only be  five rounds.