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Home » Golovkin says he can make 154 for Mayweather, labels Canelo selfish

Golovkin says he can make 154 for Mayweather, labels Canelo selfish

Despite being 34 years of age and being a middleweight for his entire career, the Kazakh puncher would be willing to drop the necessary poundage for a massive clash with the former pound for pound number one.

“I’m not too big (to fight Floyd Mayweather). 30 days before my fight, I’m 165 after water. Yesterday after sparring, I was 164. Especially for Floyd – I’ll go to 154 or 160 if he wants. This is a dream fight,” Golovkin told ESPN’s First Take.

On his potential September fight with Canelo Alvarez, which was supposed to happen in 2016, ‘GGG’ added: “There is a big difference between Floyd and Canelo. Floyd is Floyd. Floyd is the best pound-for-pound. Canelo, he’s done nothing. I talked to him just last year. I want this fight. I need this fight.’ It’s too much (of a delay). I’m tired of this talking too much. I do not respect (Canelo) because he’s like a selfish.”

“I’m not too big for 160. My weight I told you is 165 just 30 days before the fight. It was 164 yesterday. 160 is very good. 154 is a very good category for me. 168 or 175, yeah if I have a big fight or big money fight or big unification fight, of course,” he said.

Mayweather is currently being linked heavily to a fight against UFC star Conor McGregor, whilst Canelo meets Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a Mexican super-fight on May 6.

Golovkin has his own encounter with Danny Jacobs to consider before anything could happen with either, although there’s no doubting fans would be highly receptive to either of those opponents.