Exclusive: Glenn McCrory focusing on training fighters, plans to open gym in Ireland

Joe Hewlett 27/02/2017

Glenn McCrory has begun a new chapter in his ever-expanding and illustrious career in boxing. The former IBF world champion will now be sharing his 40-years of boxing experience and knowledge in the ring as a trainer.

The former TV pundit has teamed up with the talented hot-shot Sean McGlinchy who makes his debut on April 22 at the Devenish Complex in Northern Ireland.

Ahead of his first professional fight, McCrory has admitted he has been surprised by the quality that McGlinchey possesses.

“Over the summer he asked me to train him and we clicked so it went on from there. I didn’t know too much about him but knew he was a bronze-medallist from the Commonwealth Games. I’d spoken to him before and knew he was a really nice kid but I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful he is – he’s the most powerful kid I’ve come across,” McCrory exclusively told World Boxing News.

“You should see him in the gym, he has natural power. It’s about turning his natural power into punching power. He was fighting as a light-heavyweight as an amateur and the kid’s a middleweight so it’s all about getting his weight right. It’s about training him properly, I’ve got him a strength and conditioning coach and a nutritionist so it’s all about doing things right. But he’s taken to it so well,” he stated.

Work is already underway for McCrory back in Ireland where he plans to create a gym and training camp for his up and coming fighters.

‘The Gentlemen’ is delighted at the prospect of setting up a training camp in Donegal. The thought of bringing back the ‘Rocky Balboa’ days of training is something that enthrals him.

“It’s great to be back in Ireland, I have a big family over here – My Grandparents were born here. It’s a beautiful part of Ireland, it’s on the Wild Atlantic Coast and I am looking at creating a training camp here. I have been cleaning out an old farm building. I’ve spent 3 days mopping the floor inside,” he laughed.

“My training camps are going to be old-school, I’m going to bring back the good old days. We’ve got a lovely forest, there’s plenty of trees to chop down so it will be great for my boxers to train at. But there’s a lot of work to do before everything is completed, I think it will take a few months to complete. It’s exciting times.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95