Exclusive: Glenn McCrory discusses Sky parting, praises Ricky Hatton

Joe Hewlett 25/02/2017

Boxing legend Glenn McCrory parted ways with Sky Sports last year. His 27-year partnership with the network ended after the company announced new additions to the punditry team.

He was one half of an iconic duo with Ian Darke. Together they covered all the big fights including the likes of Mike Tyson, Lenox Lewis and Evander Holyfield.

After being relieved from his duties, McCrory has fond memories when looking back at his time at Sky.

He exclusively told WBN: “Me and Ian worked together for over 20-years at Sky and it was absolutely fantastic. But it had run its course and nothing lasts forever, sooner or later other people have to step in with a new and fresher approach. It’s been an amazing ride, covering the likes of Holyfield, Lewis and Tyson, we really did cover all the best fights in the business.

“I always knew my next chapter would be as a trainer so now that my time is up with Sky, it seemed the obvious thing to do next. There’s lots of other people about so I will still do bits and pieces in punditry to keep my profile out there in boxing. But I want to lean more towards the training side and giving fighters advise and knowledge instead of the public.”

Recently McCrory co-commentated on Ricky Hatton’s most recent show, ‘Time to Shine’ in Stoke. The card included the likes of newcomers Jake Haigh and Nathan Gorman.


The future hall-of-famer spoke of his admiration for Ricky Hatton since he decided to hang the gloves up.

He said: “Ricky is a great lad and he’s doing brilliant. In his position, how many guys would be chilling by a swimming pool in Tenerife whilst living in a massive villa? But guess what Ricky’s doing, he’s doing spinning classes, he’s a trainer, a promotor, a manager and has got his own brand.

“Who works harder than that in boxing? It’s absolutely fabulous and he deserves the success he will get, it will all come for Ricky Hatton. The other week he got his first world champion and there will be many more.”

With the likes of Glenn McCrory and Ricky Hatton continuing to contribute everything they have into the sport, it’s safe to say the future is bright for boxing.

Joe Hewlett is Lead Writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95