Exclusive: British champ Langford questions Eubank Jr. ability to mix it with world’s Top 20

Joe Hewlett 25/02/2017

Frank Warren fighter Tommy Langford has rubbished claims from Chris Eubank Jr stating on why he pulled out of their fight.

The pair were set to clash in Cardiff in October of last year until Eubank Jr pulled out of the contest citing a serious elbow injury being the reason.

The middleweight was left annoyed and frustrated by their withdrawal from the fight. Langford also believes they had motives behind their decision.

“I don’t believe the injury was serious. The whole procedure was frustrating because you never knew where you were with the Eubanks. My issue with the whole situation was that we signed a contract to fight each other – there was an agreement,” the current British champion exclusively told World Boxing News.

“When you sign a contract, there are obligations you have to fulfil and if he really was seriously injured then the fight would have been postponed and moved. I don’t think he ever had ambitions to fight me, I think they used me as a stop-gap for their next move. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were in talks with ITV at the same time the fight was announced between myself and Jr.”

At the start of the month, Eubank Jr emerged victorious to claim the IBO super-middleweight title. The Midlands lad admitted that he watched the fight on ITV box-office out of pure interest and curiosity.


But he wasn’t impressed.

“Obviously, I missed out on big fight with him, but I did watch the fight. I wanted to see what he was like and if I’m being honest I wasn’t impressed. From what I saw, there was no new element to his game, I just saw the same Eubank.

“He’s extremely fit, very fast and is an athlete but he doesn’t carry power – He’s easy to hit and isn’t big enough for super-middleweight. The likes of Smith, DeGale and Groves all beat him handily.

“I want be clear, I don’t write off any title. If you’re a title-holder, then you have a right to call yourself a champion. At the end of the day, the title is only as good as the champion. The boxer he fought in Quinlan couldn’t mix with the top 10 in Britain let alone worldwide.

“I don’t think Eubank could cope with the top 20 in world, I think he’d struggle. If he wants to call himself world champion then he can, but people in boxing world certainly don’t have same views.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95