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Deontay Wilder wants clean sport, careers taken for doping

Wilder and Povetkin were due to meet in May of last year until the Russian was found to be doping and ‘The Bronze Bomber’ recently opened up regarding his experience, along with what he expects to happen in the future.

The American is only fighting Washington tonight because previous opponent Andrzej Wawrzyk also tested positive during the build-up.

“I replayed it back in my head, these guys as taking these drugs and stuff. I was shaking my head. It is sad. It is sad for the sport and I just hope something even more can be done about this situation before it ruins the sport of boxing,” said Wilder.

“I think the WBC is doing a fabulous job in bringing the doping program and having these fighters to sign up and if they don’t they are off the rankings. But I also would like to see it going to second gear.

“I want to see some punishment done. I want to see if you do this, if you put steroids or anything that has your body doing what it is not naturally supposed to do I think you should not only get suspended but maybe indefinitely.

“We need to put something on this. This case right here was the first step and then all these other fighters know that there are consequences to your actions that will be applied to if you decide to use.

“But there need to be something else even deeper than taking his money. They need to take their career away from because this is ridiculous. I just tell myself always use myself as an example. I am naturally strong without weights. Without training. With anything I am God given, Alabama country strong. I have always been that way.

“But just imagine if used anything to enhance my body. Did you see my fight with Szpilka? Just imagine if I had something in my body. That man would have been dead because I thought he was dead. It is a lot of these guys doing it.

“You know that is going to be up to them to get their selves right. Get their act right because when they come in this fight business nobody is playing around man. You know it is just ridiculous and it is just sad.

“I hope it just gets cleaned up. Everybody get cleaned up that way we can continue with this great sport of boxing. And people can get the fights that they want to see.

“I just hate to see that we have such great fighters out here and some of the fights are not going to happen because they want to use. Just like Povetkin and me.

“I was looking forward to that fight. I was looking forward to going to Russia. Defending my country, United States against Russia. What better country to defend your country than with Russia.

“I was looking forward to that but I couldn’t do it because of somebody’s actions. So before they mess up this sport they need to clean it up,” he added.