Making the most out of boxing betting: Upcoming fights

WBN 23/02/2017
GGG Jacobs edmul

Knowing what you are betting on is important if you want to get the most value on boxing fights.

Bettors have to consider that all the boxing trends that can be used on other sports don’t apply to boxing because boxers usually have extremely long layoffs between their fights. An up-and -comer like Bobby Gunn (+550 on the February 17 fight against Roy Jones Jr.) usually has from three to four fights per year while established superstars like Manny Pacquiao (-1200 against Jeff Horn on April 23) and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (-700 against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on May 6) fight once or twice a year.

So, with no betting trends and reliable stats, boxing bettors have to do their research based on information like the age, size and boxing style of a fighter. They also have to consider how each boxer feels towards their opponent.

Considering the boxing style of the fighters is extremely vital. Just because a boxer like Gennady Golovkin (-750 in his March 18 fight against Daniel Jacobs) has been dominant, it doesn’t mean that he will run through all of his future opponents. Remember that James “Buster” Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in 1990, so anything can happen.

Boxing Odds Aren’t Everything
As mentioned in the example above, no boxer is invincible in a fight. Anybody can get a beatdown at any time or they’re simply not on their best day, it happens to any team or athlete on all sports, like FC Barcelona’s 4-0 loss against Paris Saint-Germain  in last Tuesday’s UCL Round of 16  game.

A big part of that PSG upset was because they possess a set of skills that FC Barcelona isn’t used to facing in La Liga or they didn’t prepare for them like they should have. The same thing happened to Mike Tyson against “Buster” Douglas. Quoting the 2006 movie Rocky Balboa, “Fighters fight” and like the saying goes, “everyone has a fighting chance,” so always visit a review of BetDSI odds and try to go beyond what is being offered and decide if the fight could be closer than people think. That’s the way bettors can find the value on boxing.


Boxing Betting Value
To profit on boxing betting you need to learn all you can about the boxers, don’t follow the public perception. Right now, Wladimir Klitschko is at +195 for his fight against Anthony Joshua on April 29 and it would be easy to think that Joshua is a far more superior boxer at this time, but go beyond the boxing odds and make some research. If your findings provide you with enough confidence on Joshua then by all means go for it and back him. Also, if you think that the fight won’t last, bet on a stoppage. You also could have liked what you researched about Klitschko and at +195 he offers decent value, so put some money on him if that’s the case. Upsets happen all the time.

What the Future Holds
Betting wise, other sports are still more popular but it can’t be denied that boxers like Floyd Mayweather and “Canelo” Alvarez are helping boxing become more popular. With Mayweather supposedly retired, it’s up to Alvarez, Andre Ward, Gennady Golovkin and Guillermo Rigondeaux to carry the torch and become the most popular prize fighters, elevating the sport even more.

Sportsbooks will benefit as well because if more quality boxers appear, they will have more chances to offer boxing odds and grow. It will be great for bettors so don’t forget all our advice and enjoy the upcoming events, always remembering to bet responsibly.