Exclusive: Tommy Langford talks British title defence, future hopes

Joe Hewlett 23/02/2017

Tommy Langford is preparing to defend his British title in a local domestic dust-up against long-time friend Craig Cunningham.

They will cross paths on April 22 at the Leicester Arena. Langford is anticipating an exciting fight and is confident of the outcome.

“It’s good that we’re now going to have a nice local dust-up to see who the best is and I’m very confident in what I have to do to beat him. I must stay on top of my game and not let anything get to me as it is a local domestic fight,” Langford exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Every fight now is dangerous as champion, it’s a dream of every fighter to win the British title so every fights a risk but at the end of the day, he’s coming off some good wins, especially Ogogo which has put him up there. Ogogo was terrible in the fight but a win is a win and I’m good mates with Craig outside the ring so I’m happy for him.

“You know he’s gonna bring it as there’s no pride in losing on points or being negative, he’s coming with the ambition to fight and that is good. It will be better for me in that sense if he’s on the front foot and has a go. It should be a good little dust-up between us.”

The West Bromwich Albion fan has huge admiration and affection for the British Lonsdale belt, but the middleweight has admitted he may have to vacate the title later this year for bigger opportunities.

“I’ve never made a big secret of my aims of becoming a world champion. I’d love to win the Lonsdale belt outright because it would be a fantastic achievement but if there are higher opportunities for me this year then I will l take them as it’s a short career in this sport.

“I believe I can challenge at a higher level and hold my own against a higher calibre of fighters and I’m ready to jump in and mix it up with them. If everything goes well, I hope to pick up a major title and be involved in the big fights. They’re the fights that really define your career,” he added.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95