WBC Mexico belt design announced for Canelo v Chavez Jr.

Fernando Montilla, representative of the Huichol community, was in “Martes de café” to present artist Luis de la Cruz López, who’s developing the Don Adolfo López Mateos belt for the Winner of the fights commemorating Mexico’s Battle of Puebla on MAY 5 and Independence Day on SEPTEMBER 15.

Of the three masterpieces on display, the exquisite green and grey version won the selection competition arranged by the WBC. The margin of victory exceeded ten thousand votes.

The artist in charge of shaping this belt with his more than a quarter of a century of experience, explained that in this mystical culture, there are constantly created enigmatic worlds with moons, suns, trees, labyrinths, spirals, mountains and cosmic oceans that appear in art, religion and customs of the Huicholes – a town that has remained free of external influence through centuries.