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Home » Solid camp readies Dat Nguyen for Toe-to-Toe Tuesday headliner

Solid camp readies Dat Nguyen for Toe-to-Toe Tuesday headliner

Nguyen of Vero Beach has been working hard in training camp in effort to secure a career defining win

“Camp has been great. I’ve never had a better one,” said Nguyen. “This time, I get to set the training camp the way I wanted to be trained so everything has been perfect. Getting good sparring was my main concern, and I had one of the best sparring partners for this fight. I’ve been sparring with a world class fighter Samuel Neequaye. He’s a super lightweight and a very strong fighter that threw punches in bunches and he didn’t take a step back. I think he’s the best fighter from Ghana fighter out there right now. To spar with a high caliber fighter like him has made me a sharper and stronger fighter. I have fought 10 rounds twice, but it was always short notice. I’ve been never was prepared for it, but this camp I have sparred 10 rounds multiple time against a world class sparring partner who said he’s already in fight shape when we started sparring.”

Because of that kind of camp, Nguyen feels he has the best opportunity for this win.

“I feel strong and mentally fresh and in good spirits. I know the hard work has already been done in the gym, sparring and the road work. God has a plan for me and it seems like everything is falling into place the last couple weeks of camp.. I feel blessed, and ready to give the fans a great show so please tune in.”

Nguyen, who has been a professional for 13 years, knows that a win over Flores will put him in position the major fight that he has been coveting for years,

“A win would mean better things for me and my family. I’ve struggled all of my career to get to this point so I’m not going to lose focus now. I want to thank god for watching over me and blessing me everyday of good health. I want to thank all of my fans and countrymen for their love and support.”