Exclusive: The Haye of today is actually unknown, says Coldwell

Joe Hewlett 21/02/2017

Mark Robinson

It is less than two weeks away from David Haye and Tony Bellew settling their differences at the 02 Arena.

Ringstar promotions and Matchroom will team up to co-promote the event which is on Sky Sports Box Office on March 4.

It has captured the public’s imagination after a dramatic press conference back in November. The bout sees Tony Bellew move up to heavyweight for the first time.

His trainer Dave Coldwell exclusively told WBN: “Training is going well. Size isn’t going to be a big factor in this fight. The power and speed of Haye are the factors and if you look at his record then you’ll see his knockout ratio. He and Bellew are the same size, Haye just has much more muscles!

“He is the bookies favourite and everyone on the outside thinks he is going to win but they are looking at Haye like he is the fighter he was five years ago, and the truth is no-one knows what the David Haye of today is. The Haye of today is actually unknown.”

The Hayemaker has posted regular snaps to update fans on his social media page. One picture included him playing basketball on a yacht with trainer Shane McGuigan.

But Coldwell has insisted Haye will be taking training serious ahead of the grudge match.

“We all know David loves the celebrity lifestyle but don’t make any mistake about it, he will be training hard for this fight. Every photo he has posted, he has his top off in it and he looks ripped. But he’s an athlete and every time he goes into a training camp he works hard and always looks chiselled.

“The social media thing with him posting pictures of him in Rolls Royce’s and on yachts doesn’t really bother me – I’m not a****d.”

In their first press conference to promote the fight, Haye lambasted everyone in sight from Bellew and Hearn to Coldwell himself. It included box-office trash talk as well as an attempted punch thrown from Haye.

Coldwell reflects back to the presser and said: “He ripped into everyone that day from Eddie to me. I feel sorry for him, though, he seems to a bitter man who is an unhappy troubled soul.

“The main thing is, all we are concentrated is stepping into the ring on March 4. If we can stick to the game plan then I know we can win this fight,” he added.

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