NZ President, who labelled Parker v Ruiz judging ‘bulls***’, resigns

Benjamin Watt 20/02/2017

New Zealand Professional Boxing Association President Lance Revill, resigned last week from his executive role. Vise President John Conway has been appointed as Interim President until the association’s annual general meeting in four months.

Revill is well known to stating his opinion to New Zealand’s local media, causing major scrutiny to the association while he was president. Most recently, his comments were more directed at WBO World Heavyweight Champion Joseph Parker and his fight against Andy Ruiz and. “It’s bulls****, Joseph Parker didn’t win” Revill Said “I scored it 118-111 in favour of Ruiz”.

Revill’s remarks angered not only Parker’s promoters and team, but also within his own association. “When I made a comment about Joseph Parker losing his last fight, and I still stick by that, I was getting criticised by members of my own association who were saying ‘Lance is out of line’ and saying I shouldn’t be saying that as president,” Revill told New Zealand Herald. “Well, if I can’t say it as president, who can say it? I want to be able to say what I like and speak my mind because I don’t like the way boxing has been run at the moment.”

Revill has been president of NZPBA accumulative of 18 years. Outside being an official, Revill has achieve many things in boxing in the 70s, 80s and early 90s including, Bronze Medal at 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth games, two time New Zealand National Professional Champion, two time New Zealand National Amateur Champion and South Pacific Cruiserweight champion.

The new interim President John Conway has had over 168 fights, spread between Kickboxing and Boxing. He has officiated a large amount of bouts over the coming years including refereeing notable boxes like Chauncy Welliver, Michelle Preston, Daniella Smith, Gunnar Jackson, Robert Berridge, Shane Cameron, Jeff Horn, Izuagbe Ugonoh, Kali Meehan, Brian Minto, and Joseph Parker. Conway was made vise president in 2016, he has shown his desire to stay president permanently in 2018.

The two nominated people for 2017/2018 president of NZPBA are current National secretary and treasurer Pat Leonard and Bob Mitchell. It is more likely for Pat Leonard to become president however anything can happen between now and in four months.