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Michael Watson comments on horrific car-jacking incident

The 51 year-old, who suffered brain damage in his 1991 clash with Chris Eubank, was dragged down the road whilst hanging from the vehicle after an assailant rear-ended him, attacked his carer Len Ballack and attempted to drive off.

Ballack had a ‘noxious substance’ sprayed into his eyes after their car was rear-ended before Watson pulled out of the car by one of the suspects. Police are now hunting for the criminals in question after they dumped the car and made off.

In a statement obtained by WBN late on Sunday night, Watson said: ‘I am overwhelmed with all the messages I have received and the kindness shown to me and I would like to thank everyone for their concern.

Lennard and I were involved in a very frightening, violent situation which came out of the blue in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that so I’m asking you to help the police in finding these men and bring them to justice.’

Friend and former fighter Spencer Oliver had previously stated to BBC Radio 5 Live: “I spoke to Michael, he’s really shook up but in good spirits, as he always is.

“Michael has some burns when he was dragged down the road in the car. It was a crazy incident and thankfully no one was seriously hurt.”

A police spokesman also confirmed: “Two men, aged in their 50s, informed officers that they had been sprayed in the face with a suspected noxious substance by two suspects who attempted to steal the car.

“The male suspects fled the scene in a different vehicle.”