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Home » Michael Watson ‘suffered burns’ – dragged whilst hanging out of car

Michael Watson ‘suffered burns’ – dragged whilst hanging out of car

Watson, 51, was still in his car when two men attempted to rob him and his carer Len Ballack at a set of traffic lights. Ballack was sprayed in the face with a ‘noxious substance’ whilst Watson was trapped in the vehicle by his seatbelt.

As the suspect attempted to drive off, Spencer told how Watson was dragged up the road hanging from the car. Watson suffered burns but was released from hospital on Saturday.

“I spoke to Michael yesterday he’s really shook up but in good spirits, as he always is,” Spencer told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“Michael has some burns when he was dragged down the road in the car. It was a crazy incident and thankfully no one was seriously hurt.”

A police spokesman also confirmed: “Two men, aged in their 50s, informed officers that they had been sprayed in the face with a suspected noxious substance by two suspects who attempted to steal the car.

“The male suspects fled the scene in a different vehicle.”

An investigation remains ongoing, whilst London Police – alongside several high-profile personalities from the sport – past and present, are appealing for information regarding the incident.

Watson was forced to retire in 1991 after suffering brain damage at the end of a clash with Chris Eubank Jr. at White Hart Lane.