Exclusive: Anthony Fowler closes in on pro move, promoter announcement soon

Joe Hewlett 18/02/2017


After a relentless camp going into the Olympics last year, Anthony Fowler took some well-deserved time out from the game.

However, it wasn’t too long until the athlete was back in the gym training at an intense level.

His time-off helped him re-evaluate his next move and has now made the decision to turn professional later this year.

“I’ve been training in Sheffield with the Team GB lads in Sheffield. Since Rio, I had a few months to cool off but I’m now back in the gym training as hard as ever. I’ve been working on a few things since Rio, and I am always trying to improve as much as I can in the gym. The training in Sheffield is always great, I get a good level of sparring in there,” Fowler exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Within next 3-4 weeks, I’d expect to have some news. I’m ready to get in there and fight now but it’s taking longer than I expected. In an ideal world, I would have boxed two or three professional fights by now. I’ve been in negotiations with promoters since January and things seem to be getting closer now.”

The Liverpool lad accomplished a huge amount during his amateur days, which included gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 as a middleweight.

However, Fowler has announced his intentions to move down to light-middleweight when he joins the professional ranks.

“I’ve decided that I will start off at light-middleweight. To many, it will be a surprise as I’m big for a middleweight. But I walk round at my weight so I will go down light-middleweight. As I get older and more mature I will then move up,” he said.

Fowler is a popular boxer who has a big fan-base around the UK. He is eager to get into the ring and make an instant impact for his fans and team.

“I think when I box at the professional level it’s going to play into my hands a lot. Since I was 15 knocking people out with big gloves on, I have natural power and a good pedigree. But when I go out there, I’ll be looking for the win.

“You’ve gotta be smart and clever – sometimes it may take a few rounds to grind down and wear down opponents. As always, I will take my time and be clever. It’s all about getting that win,” Fowler said with excitement.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95