Exclusive: Dave Coldwell disappointed with ‘disgusting’ David Price social media comments

Joe Hewlett 16/02/2017

Mark Robinson

Trainer Dave Coldwell has defended David Price after the heavyweight received a large scale of abuse on social media following his defeat to Christian Hammer.

The fight took place on the undercard of ITV box-office’s debut show.

Former 2008 Olympic bronze-medallist Price looked set to clinch victory after knocking his opponent down in round five. However, it was Hammer who prevailed after responding to the knock down with the referee stopping the fight in round seven.

“I’m devastated for Pricey because he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. The thing that annoys me most is the absolute bull**** some people have come out with,” Coldwell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion but at least get your facts right before you write something. The thing is, some people have tweeted things that just aren’t true and they don’t have the facts to back it up.

“The criticism by some people on twitter was absolutely disgusting. They were talking about David’s fitness but the truth is he was fit and ready for the fight. Tony Bellew can back me up, he was at the gym watching Pricey spar for 12 rounds against two heavyweights with eight days to go before his fight.

“For example, someone may step into the ring their first fight as an amateur and feel absolutely shattered after a round. It doesn’t mean they haven’t put the work and effort into their training camp. Nerves can do that to you, so it annoys me when I see people coming out with ludicrous statements.

“People seem to get a thrill out of watching other people struggle. What I don’t like is the groups of people on social media who say vile and vindictive things. I reply to many messages and like to have a debate and a bit of banter but some people take it too far and class their remarks as ‘a bit of banter,’ when it just isn’t. When you reply to those type of people, others get involved and try saying that you’ve bitten back at them and that’s not the case at all, I just state the facts to them. At the end of the day, it’s just idiots chatting s****,” he ranted.

Since the gutting defeat, questions have been raised over Price’s future with talk of a possible retirement on the cards at the age of 33.

But boxer-turned-trainer Dave Coldwell admits that he is also in the dark over the Liverpudlian’s next move. But regardless of his decision, Coldwell will support him no matter what.

“I’m not too sure what is next for David but the main thing is that he has a great family. He must overcome his anxiety struggles if he is to return into the ring.

“If I’m being honest, I haven’t asked him about his future and I’m not interested in the boxing side. I just want to make sure he is okay.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95