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Home » Eubank takes blame for GGG collapse, open to Hearn reunion

Eubank takes blame for GGG collapse, open to Hearn reunion

Proclaiming to have been the bigger man, Eubank has now taken responsibility for the collapse of the contest in September, which was eventually taken by Kell Brook – who lost in five rounds to the middleweight king.

Chris Jr. has since gone on to link-up with ITV like his father did in the 1990’s.

“I can actually expose Eddie Hearn and Barry Hearn, but I’m not going to,” Eubank told Andy Goldstein on talkSPORT this week.

“You know what, I’m gonna give, I’m gonna say it’s my fault because the buck ends with me. I could actually take a court case against him but I’m not gonna do that, I’m gonna take blame because that was yesterday.

“My son is now champion of the world, we are now fighting on ITV Box Office, why should I be complaining about the past?”

Asked whether he would rule out ever working with Hearn and Matchroom Sport again, Eubank added: “No, because if I said yes that would be ignorance and we mustn’t be ignorant.

“We’ve got to let go of the past and we have to take into consideration what these guys do for a living, it is hard to do what he does.”

It’s not certain Hearn would feel the same way as the promoter has been quite dismissive of reuniting in the months that have followed, although Eubank may yet face one of Matchroom’s stable in the future.

World ruler James DeGale is already being touted as a potential foe, whilst Callum Smith has the opportunity to become a world title holder himself later this year.