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Galahad challenges Frampton, Selby, Quigg to ITV Box Office scrap

Kid Galahad, real name Barry Awad, made short work of late replacement Leonel Hernandez on February 4th at London’s Olympia, after former world champion Joseph Agbeko pulled out of their proposed clash on the day of the fight claiming an illness.

It continued Kid Galahad’s winning streak since he turned pro in 2009 and now the 26-year-old Sheffield fighter is determined to land one of the big fish in the ultra-competitive featherweight division.

“I would take on anyone next and I mean anyone,” said Kid Galahad. “There isn’t a featherweight who I wouldn’t take apart. I’m so confident I’m challenging them right now to come forward and face me, anywhere they want. I would go to Carl Frampton’s backyard in a heartbeat and Lee Selby’s and even Scott Quigg’s, although I don’t think Quigg should be spoken of in the same breath as Selby and Frampton.”

Kid Galahad is convinced with ITV’s backing he will land a massive fight very soon.

He said: “I fought on ITV last time and with their considerable backing I’m sure we can make it absolutely huge at the box office. ITV want big fights and the featherweight division is one of the best in boxing right now.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people who watched the fight on ITV Box Office and they all said it was so much more pure boxing because there were no adverts in between rounds which meant they could concentrate more on the fight. I think that made it a lot more enjoyable for ITV viewers.”

Kid Galahad says Selby and Frampton belong on a different level to Quigg and was not surprised by the Bury boxer’s split decision points loss to the Ulsterman last year in Manchester.

He said: “Whereas Frampton and Selby have both won world titles and bravely defended them abroad, always a tricky thing to do, Quigg has been found very wanting at world level when he has stepped up.

“Quigg didn’t throw a punch until about the ninth round against Frampton and you can’t win a fight by doing that. He adopted a safety-first approach, despite telling everyone who would listen that he was going to take his head off. He talks the talk but against Frampton he backed off and let his opponent get so far ahead on points that there was no way back.

“Whenever Quigg has stepped up a level he has been found out and I would badly expose him.

“Selby is a deserved world champion who I have a lot of respect for and as a person he is great lad. I’ve got to know him really well as we have sparred together a lot and I have a lot of time for Lee, but I am certain I would beat him and Frampton, I’d fight in his Belfast backyard because I’m convinced I’m the better boxer in every department.”

Kid Galahad, who has held the British, commonwealth and European super bantamweight titles, says he was delighted with his first foray into the featherweight division against Hernandez.

He said: “I’ve won all my fights and at 26 I’m the right age to be moving up to feather because my body has become naturally bigger. With Quigg, Selby or Frampton in the ring with me, I’d beat them all. I’m not disrespectful towards them because they are all obviously very strong professionals, but I’d win. Selby has been a world champion for a couple of years and needs a big fight badly, through no fault of his own. Frampton lost the second one against Leo Santa Cruz and wants to fight next in Belfast. I’m there whenever he wants it. As for Quigg, I’d take him on anytime, any place, anywhere.”