Floyd Mayweather marks his media territory as Dana White issues Conor McGregor deal denial

Former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. would have been laughing in his Lazy Boy on Tuesday as the combat world went into a spin about a possible deal with Conor McGregor.

Notorious for starting his own rumours, Mayweather must have been readying his checkbook to receive another huge payday as the column inches were full to the brim of reports on a possible cross-codes fight.

Looking at these potential smokescreen headlines, Mayweather will now be fully able to gauge that this fight is on par, if not bigger, than his previous record breaker with Manny Pacquiao in terms of coverage.

‘The Billion-Dollar Fight’, as some are calling it, is apparently close to agreement on the monetary side, although Mayweather took pride in shooting down several reports, including one from his media buddy Stephen A. Smith.

If it wasn’t already, Mayweather v McGregor is a becoming the biggest media circus of the internet age, something ‘Money’ will be lapping up as he teases fans with the possibility of a comeback into his 40’s.

Mark my words, if there’s a nine-figure purse on the table – and that does seem to be the case, there’s no way Mayweather would be able to turn down that kind of cash.

McGregor is up for it, so all the Irishman and his team need to do is guarantee Mayweather makes upwards of $100m plus his Pay-Per-View extras and this encounter will certainly make it over the line.

Meanwhile, Dana White – who has seemingly been left behind in all this – went on record to state ‘There’s no deal’ to the likes of The LA Times and media source TMZ, although McGregor is seemingly fighting to make a deal with Mayweather without his input anyway.

The next installment of the media merry-go-round is just around the corner….