Exclusive: Legend Benn reveals Quinlan bombshell, shocked he lasted as long versus Eubank Jr.

British legend Nigel Benn has informed WBN he offered coaching and dietary advice to Renold Quinlan ahead of the Australian’s title clash against Chris Eubank Jr. on February 4.

Benn, who now lives down under with his family, was willing to give some training camp tips to Quinlan as shockingly, junk food played a part in the build-up to his first super-middleweight championship defense.

“I met Renold in Australia and talked with him about his training program. It was really hard to believe what kind of food he was living off,” Benn exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Renold was eating Maccie D’s (McDonald’s), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and all that rubbish, so I tried to help him out with his food.

“When it came to fight night, I was shocked that the fight lasted that long but Chris Jr. did what he had to do.”

On witnessing Eubank’s victory to claim his first recognised belt, Benn believes the Brighton man still needs to up his game in order to compete with the world’s best, along with being his own man into the bargain.

“I think Chris Jr. could be a good fighter but I believe the opponents in front of him are not really world-class,” Benn pointed out. “I believe, and this is nothing personal against Jr, but he must find your own way (leave his father and ex-Benn rival Chris Sr. in the background).

“Also, having the title he has doesn’t automatically bring in big bucks, and given his age, he should really be at least a two-weight world champion by now.

“It’s still going to be interesting to find out where his career goes and I do wish Chris Jr. all the best,” he added.

Eubank Jr. is currently taking a break following a successful night in London, whilst former middleweight nemesis Billy Joe Saunders is being linked to a possible shot at Gennady Golovkin in Kazakhstan.