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Home » CompuBox stats reveal Mundine controversy unfounded, Green won

CompuBox stats reveal Mundine controversy unfounded, Green won

Green won a majority that has since been disputed by Mundine and many of his supporters, although the numbers point to two of the judges’ cards being close to correct last week.

CompuBox said: In a chippy fight that saw Mundine lose a point for hitting on the break in round one and Green penalized a point for elbowing, Green’s volume (60.3 per round to Mundine’s 35.6) and body punching (40 of 57 jab connects, 44 of 86 landed power shots and 84 of 143 overall) superseded Mundine’s accuracy (34%-24% overall, 29%-18% jabs, 39%-29% power) in terms of getting the majority decision.

Green’s jab was more active (30.9 thrown/5.7 connects per round to Mundine’s 17.5 thrown/5.0 connects per round) and his energy level higher, though Mundine had a few good moments in the later rounds.

The round-by-round breakdowns had Green ahead 7-3 overall, 5-3-2 jabs and 5-0-5 power. Scoring: 98-90, 96-94 G, 94-94.

Talk of a third fight possibly taking place has since reared its head, whilst Green is thought to be hanging up his gloves after a long, hard career.