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World Boxing Council celebrating 54th birthday

We were founded in 1963 at 1:00 p.m.-at the Prado Alffer Hotel in Mexico Sity, counting On the assistance and support of representatives from 11 countries, including Mexico.

This was part of an agreement of the then Mexican President, Mr. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, who was a great boxing fan, who even practiced it as amateur.

The directors of the then National Boxing Association (NBA) and the New York Athletic Commission came to the event. They were the most influential organizations in boxing at the time. So, we were formed, established and destined to become the greatest.

J. Onslow Fane, from England, represented the British Board of Boxing Control.

Edouard Rabret came on behalf of France.

Representing the NBA, Charles P. Larsen, President, Anthony Petronella and Emile Bruneau.

Other US commissions included Harry W. Falk (California) and General Melvyn Krulewitch (New York).

Luis Spota, Ramón G Velazquez and Rafael Barradas represented Mexico.

Don Rodrigo Sánchez was here for Panama.

Dr. Gustavo Vega represented Venezuela.

Rafael Nahmías was here on behalf the Chilean Boxing Federation.

Icaro Frsca was here on behalf of the Argentine Boxing Federation.

And Colonel Vicente Saguas Presas represented Brazil.

The first President was Mexican Luis Spota, winning with three votes against one for the British Onslow Fane, and another for Edouard Rabret, of France.

The successors in the presidency of the WBC were Filipino Justiniano Montano, the Mexican Ramón G. Velázquez and later the Mexicans José Sulaimán Chagnón and Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar. Don Jose won a unanimous vote in Tunis, on December 5 of 1975. And our Leader Mauricio Sulaiman won a unanimous vote for the Presidency, in Mexico City three years ago, on February 11.

54 years since its foundation, the World Boxing Coucnil is the most respected and influential professional boxing sanctioning body, incorporating 166 countries, whose representatives meet each year at a World Boxing Council Convention, which takes place in various parts of the world.