Peter Fury discusses son Hughie v Parker venue, confident of victory

Parker v Fury 13/02/2017


Peter Fury spoke about the possibility of son Hughie challenging for the WBO heavyweight title in New Zealand against current holder Joseph Parker.

Duco Events, promoters of Parker, won the purse bid recently, although Fury and promoters Frank Warren and Mick Hennessy are hoping to take the fight to the UK or at the very least a neutral venue.

Fury spoke to IFL TV to give his thoughts on the following questions asked:

Are we any closer to a location or a nailed on date?

I’ve been speaking to Frank Warren and also Mick Hennessy as well and I think this week we will have a decision on what they’re (Duco) going to do so maybe all this week I think they’ll sort it out and they’ll announce the venue where it’s supposed to be.  At the moment it’s in New Zealand because they won the purse-bid but that’s not cast in stone so that fight is up in the air at the moment.  It’s going to go wherever it makes business sense.

What does your instincts say?  How do you think it’s going to go?

I haven’t really got any vibes with it.  At the moment the worst way is going to be New Zealand, we’d like it to be somewhere else.  It all depends where it is going to make the most money I suppose and that’s not really my end of it.  We will have to see.  My job is getting Hughie mentally focused for the biggest fight of his life so that’s what I’ll be doing.

How is he in terms of preparation and being focused?  Does he believe he’s got the tools to go out and do the job on Parker in New Zealand regardless?

What people don’t understand is he’s always been working towards this goal anyway so when you’re a world class fighter, of course you look forward to a world title fight so we’re silently confident that we’re going to see something special in Hughie, what we’ve not seen before and I’m looking forward to it.  Parker’s a good fighter and Hughie needs to raise his game better than what he’s done before.  It’s going to be a good fight, one we’re excited about, and one we’re coming to win.

Can lightning strike twice and we get another Fury heavyweight champion?

I think it’s only a matter of time, it will strike, I think Hughie will be a world champion, whether it will be this time or not, because anything can happen in boxing, but he’s on the right track and if preparations go the way we want them to go, he should lift that belt.