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WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman celebrates three years at the helm

The place where it took place was at the “Camino Real” Hotel Salon. The venue was packed. We were all there to witness what transpired as the unanimous vote of the WBC Board of Governors. Founded in in 1963, and brilliantly led by Don Jose Sulaiman since December 5, 1975 until January 14th, 2014.

The meeting was inspired by a special enthusiasm and unique emotion. We remembered our late great leader, but we applauded our new one, with the total confidence in his performance and considerable abilities, fulfilled and exceeded since.

Mr. Juan Sanchez, the then treasurer of the WBC who passed away recently, was moderator, while Alberto Leon, legal advisor, announced the attendance list.

There were vice presidents, Rex Walker, Houcine Houchi and Bob Logist. Members of the 10 affiliated federations, the African Boxing Council, the Asian Boxing Council, the British Board of Boxing Control, the Caribbean Boxing Federation, the Central American Boxing Federation, the Boxing Bureau of the Independent States and Slavic Countries, the European Boxing Union , The North American Boxing Federation, the Eastern and Pacific Boxing Federation and the South American Boxing Federation.

Our new President, Mauricio Sulaimán, was presented with our emblematic belt. He kissed it and went directly to his immediate family, Doña Martha and Christiane, Mother and Wife respectively, as well as his siblings José, Héctor, Fernando, Lucy and Claudia and of course all his nephews.

We recall the precise words that the President of the WBC told Doña Martha, that denoted the deep emotion that was lived in those wonderful moments, combined with the memories of his beloved Father.

“The best Dad, the best couple with my Mom, who was always with him, who always supported him so he was able to travel the world. He was always traveling… and my Mom taking care of us at home. You are the best Mom. There can not be more loving person than you, who managed to have this family and fill it with love. Everything that is here is for you and for your support.”

It’s been 36 months since that historic day, and things look ever better. The World Boxing Council is strong and continues growing; We are the very best when it comes to the management of professional boxing and you may be sure that nothing will change about that in the future.