UFC boss adamant: Mayweather bout ‘will never happen’, four fights left on McGregor contract

Dana White has dismissed suggestions Conor McGregor could agree a cross-codes clash in the near future due to his contractual obligations to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Both McGregor and Mayweather stated publicly last month that the fight will go ahead in the next year, although White, who is the head of UFC, pointed out that ‘The Notorious’ has to fulfil his current deal with the MMA outfit.

“It will never happen; that’s not even possible. He’s under contract with us. You have a contract for a reason. Let me tell you what, there are a lot of contracts out there, no matter what business you are in – UFC or whatever – and it’s pretty tough to get out of a contract,” White told the Irish Mirror.

“And if that’s what Conor wants to do (fight Floyd Mayweather), he’s got four fights left. He’s got four fights left with the UFC. Fight your four fights and, you know, go out and do what you want to do.”

On McGregor’s desire to switch to boxing in his pursuit of bigger paychecks, White added: “Listen, Conor was walking into a pay-per-view where he had to sell to people [the concept of] hearing him talk. I’m sure people aren’t crazy about buying tickets of pay-per-views to hear him talk; they want to see him fight. I get it,” he said.

The general consensus is that a Mayweather v McGregor contest could easily make both men a tidy nine-figure sum, which is why the pair are seemingly determined to make it happen.


White’s comments seem to be coming from a place of being pushed out as McGregor looks for a way around his contract by consulting the Ali Act in order to test his skills against Mayweather.

As it currently stands, things could be set to get messy between McGregor and White.