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Home » Exclusive: David Haye working on Hayemaker TV deal, discusses ITV Box Office Pay-Per-View debut

Exclusive: David Haye working on Hayemaker TV deal, discusses ITV Box Office Pay-Per-View debut

The 36 year-old two-weight world champion revealed a partnership with former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer whilst in preparations for his heavyweight grudge match with Bellew, but will now concentrate on the London Pay-Per-View bout before turning his attention to his new promotional duties.

“A TV deal will all be firmed up in the coming weeks as it’s all getting sorted out currently,” Haye exclusively told World Boxing News in an interview from his training base in Miami.

“We will probably wait until after this coming fight to confirm everything and make any further big announcements.”

Sky Sports and satellite channel ‘Dave’ would seemingly be in the frame for Haye as the Bermondsey man has featured on both networks for his latest outings, although a new player has recently entered the fray.

ITV Box Office debuted by featuring Chris Eubank Jr’s world title bout on Saturday night and Haye gave his views on the evening’s entertainment when prompted by WBN during questions about Hayemaker Ringstar.

“It was a good show and I enjoyed it. The David Price fight was very interesting, a bit of a shocker that surprised a lot of people. It was an entertaining fight even though it wasn’t good for the British public in that situation. It was good value for money though.

“The Chris Eubank Jr. headlining fight was great and I really enjoyed that. People like to have a dig at everybody by saying, ‘was the show any worse than other PPV shows?’ but I don’t believe so.

“If Chris Eubank Jr. and his team now believe his fights should all be exclusively on Pay-Per-View, then so be it. It is what it is and only the numbers will dictate whether that continues to happen. If the numbers are solid and good then they are going to carry on, but if not they may go back to regular ITV.”

Haye continued: “It’s a whole new situation where nobody really knows what the deal is. I’m not sure whether Chris gets a percentage of sales or whether he was paid a flat fee to launch the service. I don’t know.

“As far as I’m aware, it was entertaining and if I could have subscribed I would have (being in the United States), but I managed to catch it afterwards,” he added.

Watch David Haye vs Tony Bellew exclusively live on Sky Sports Box Office – March 4 from The 02 Arena in London

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay