No shame for David Price, career a success whatever happens

Mark Robinson

Winning an Olympic bronze medal and claiming British heavyweight title glory mean David Price can look back on his career with satisfaction no matter where the big man’s future lies.

At 33 years old and with four stoppage losses to his name, some have been quick to criticize Price via social media and beyond following a high-profile defeat to Christian Hammer on Saturday night.

Whether he decides enough is enough for a possible career as a pundit or to give it one last go in the ring, those accolades can never be taken away from Price and will eventually outweigh the low points. In years to come, Price won’t be remembered as ‘the heavyweight who got knocked out a few times’, he’ll be known as the former Lonsdale Belt holder and Beijing 2008 semi-finalist who consistently dreamt big to the vast majority of UK fans.

Price has stamina problems, we all know that, but at 6ft 8ins tall and with a rigid frame, it would be tough for anyone to have coped with the scenario of coming in heavy for brutality or lighter to be fresh in the later rounds – with such bulk to carry.

Hammer knew after two rounds he just had to get through the worst blows Price could muster until around the fourth or fifth, but was almost knocked out for his trouble and knew surviving being dropped meant victory was his to take.

There’s no doubt Price will need some time to reflect on what transpired in London, but the general consensus was the weight he carried was all wrong and dropping a couple of stone could be key to enjoying some further successes moving forward.

Having won the British belt outright in 2012, a European title would be a sound target for ‘Pricey’ should he decide to regroup and work on the obvious issues that mean his tank empties so quickly.

As a physical specimen, Price has nothing to worry about and those question marks over his chin are largely due to the defenceless state running out of gas leaves him in once the fuel has burned up and his hands drop.

Hopefully whatever happens, people take the words of ex-footballer turned boxer Curtis Woodhouse on board this week and lay-off Price as the obviously talented fighter deals with his body letting him down yet again against a fighter he soundly would have beaten with the appropriate endurance needed.