Eubank: Imagine my son crossing to UFC, putting McGregor to sleep!

Eubank Jr v McGregor 04/02/2017
Chris Eubank Jr.

📸 Mark Robinson

Chris Eubank says a future cross-codes move to UFC is not out of the question for super-middleweight title hunting son Chris Jr.

Eubank Sr. will oversee his son’s bid to claim a world title in London tonight whilst the sport is flooded with stories of former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather facing UFC ruler Conor McGregor in a boxing match.

Not one to miss out on the action, Eubank Sr. believes Junior would have no problem moving the opposite way and going on to defeat the outspoken McGregor at his own game.

“There is a guy called Conor McGregor, who is talking the talk and claiming he can deal with my guy Mayweather, who is the grand master when it comes to hitting and not being hit. No chance McGregor,” Eubank Sr. told the BBC.

“Also, let me tell you, if anyone is going to make a crossover into UFC, it is this man here (referring to his son) because he can do it. I was aware that he would probably get into fights because of my name when he was growing up, so at the age of nine, I had him take lessons in jiu-jitsu and grappling.

“Only about a year ago, I was in his flat and he was watching UFC. I said ‘do you like this stuff’. He said ‘yeah I always watch it. When you learn something as a child, it stays with you. You learn best when you are eight, nine, ten and 11. Just imagine him crossing over and putting to sleep guys like McGregor.”

Asked about the possible switch, Eubank Jr. himself added: “I’ve got many goals and achievements I’m working towards in boxing, but I did MMA, I did grappling, all types of jiu-jitsu for a while as a kid,” he pointed out.

“I could easily transition if I wanted to and the only thing I would have to learn is how to kick as I’ve never had to do that. If you’re talking about boxing one-on-one, there’s no contest (against McGregor).

“You can’t compare a boxer and a UFC fighter. In the Octagon of course, then it’s a different story,” added Junior.