Bob Arum would stay out of Conor McGregor v Manny Pacquiao talks

Mikey Williams / Naoki Fukuda / UFC

Top Rank boss Bob Arum has promised to take a back seat if Conor McGregor decides to plump for a clash with Manny Pacquiao over Floyd Mayweather Jr.

McGregor has consistently been pushing to battle Mayweather in a massive Pay-Per-View cross-codes bout, although Arum has since announced Pacquiao’s interest in what would be a lucrative event for all concerned.

Despite Mayweather and McGregor seemingly being on the same page in regards to a clash in late 2017 or early 2018, Arum has stated he would allow Pacquiao the freedom to negotiate his own deal.

“I don’t have to be involved,” Arum told celebrity news source TMZ. “I ain’t getting in the ring. But that’s an easy fight for Manny, and I would love for that fight to happen.

“(The ball’s) in their court,” he continued. “If the only impediment to Manny Pacquiao fighting Conor McGregor is because Dana doesn’t like me, then I won’t be around.

“I would give Manny the right and the permission to fight Conor McGregor any time the money is right for Manny,” added Arum.

As things stand, Mayweather is fully in the driving seat to make a tidy nine-figure sum from the McGregor PPV offering, whilst Pacquiao prepares to tackle Jeff Horn in Australia on the first leg of his world tour in April.