Shocking footage as Cook is hit with ice bucket from crowd after Butler win, mass brawl erupts

Canadian super-welterweight contender Brandon Cook had his victory tarnished on Saturday night after being hit by a flying ice bucket at the Bell Centre.

There have been calls for suspensions to be handed out after Steven Butler and the crowd reacted badly to a seventh round stoppage, resulting in an all-out brawl leaving several injured.

Cook broke down Butler, who was out on his feet when referee Marlon Wright stepped in, although the 21 year-old seemed adamant he was okay despite swaying profusely.

Bulter seemed to lunge towards a celebrating Cook as he tried to control his body, although was beaten by the ice bucket which landed on his opponent’s head.

The crowd then took over as fights broke out sporadically and continued for several minutes as security struggled to control the melee.

Watch the startling videos below by DERWOOD and Y the RIDER