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Ten interesting facts about the legend Muhammad Ali

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – these words are what the world associates with one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali. But isn’t there more to him than a solid punch and a catchy one-liner?

Sure enough, the lion’s share of the fighter’s biography is common knowledge. But there are still particular, interesting facts only diehard fans are aware of. Interested to learn more?

Obviously, you won’t be able to use this knowledge at your advantage on best betting websites as Ali is sadly no longer with us. These facts won’t make or break any new matches. But they are still engaging and intriguing.

10 facts you probably never knew about Ali

Dig in and enjoy:

  1. A thief once stole Ali’s bicycle. A police officer later on encouraged the fighter to undergo boxing training so he could stand up to himself.
  2. In 1996 Ali enjoyed the honor of lighting the Olympic Fire. A great responsibility.
  3. ‘Archie Moore must fall in four’ was a rhyme Ali came up with before his fight with Archie. Needless to say, Moore fell in the fourth round.
  4. Ali takes the credit for one of the shortest matches in professional boxing history, His Phantom Punch knocked Sonny Liston down for 20 seconds after as little as two minutes in the ring.
  5. Ali refused to serve in the armed forces and due to this fact a lot of his fights were canceled.
  6. By the way the same refusal cost him $10.000, five years in jail (suspended). his boxing license and all titles the boxer has won before.
  7. Ali’s first professional loss happened in 1971 in a battle against Joe Frazier. That match, by the way, went under a neat name: The Fight of the Century.
  8. Muhammad’s rumble with Chuck Wepner served as inspiration for the first Rocky movie. Ali was knocked down in the ninth round and still won by knockout after four more rounds.
  9. Ali was the very first heavyweight fighter to win the crown three times.
  10. In order to negotiate the release of American hostages Ali had a meeting with Saddam Hussein.

Not a boxer but a legend

Given all you have just learned do you still believe that Muhammad Ali is a simple boxing star? No, he is an actual embodiment of legendary heroes like Hercules or Jason.  A single post, however, won’t have the space to include everything there is to know about a legend. Perhaps I have missed a few interesting facts? Be sure to share them with the community!