Kris George v Larry Ekundayo / Liam Walsh v Andy Townend purse bids

CBC 31/01/2017


The following mandatory Commonwealth Championship contests are put out for negotiations between the parties, or, in the absence of agreement, purse bids :-

WELTERWEIGHT Kris George (Champion, Australia) v Larry Ekundayo (Nigeria)

SUPER-FEATHERWEIGHT Liam Walsh (Champion, England) v Andy Townend (England)

Promoters, managers, matchmakers have until 12 00 midday MONDAY 20TH FEBURARY 2017 (BRITISH TIME), to submit signed agreements between all the parties to the Hon Secretary via post or carrier at the Head Office address or via email attachment to the Hon Secretary’s email address.

In the event that agreement is not possible, promoters are invited to submit purse bids, which will be opened by the Chairman of the CBC at :-

All bids must be submitted in individual sealed envelopes for each bid, clearly marked in one corner ‘PO/Initials of the 2 boxers’ eg Welterweight ‘PO/KG/LE’ delivered personally, or by carrier or post, addressed as follows:- PURSE BID FOR THE PERSONAL ATTENTION OF PHILIP BROOK SMITH QC FOUNTAIN COURT CHAMBERS MIDDLE TEMPLE LANE LONDON EC4Y 9DH UNITED KINGDOM (NOT TO BE OPENED BEFORE 20TH FEBURARY 2017)

Where a bid is presented personally by a promoter or representative, that person will be invited to be present at the opening. ALL BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 12 00 MIDDAY DEADLINE AND ANY BID RECEIVED AFTER THIS TIME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED Bidding Promoters must advise a venue and a date with the bid which should not be before:-

KRIS GEORGE V LARRY EKUNDAYO – Monday 13th March 2017 nor later than 30th June 2017

LIAM WALSH V ANDY TOWNEND – Monday 6th March 2017 nor later than 30th April 2017

A modest extension to the latter dates may be possible, strictly subject the Hon Secretary being notified BEFORE submission of the bid. What constitutes ‘modest extension’ shall be determined by the Hon Secretary and the Chairman in their absolute discretion.

Bidding parties must note Term 6 of the ‘Terms of Purse Bids’ and ensure they have made allowance in their calculations to ensure the purses paid are nett. ‘Terms of Purse Bids‘ are also attached.

The Hon Secretary will advise the winning promoter of a final date for the submission of contracts to both boxers or their authorized representatives, and a date by which they must be signed and returned, copied to the Hon Secretary. An invoice will be submitted to the winning promoter for the CBC Sanction Fee together with a date by which this must be paid. Contracts must be in a form authorized or approved by the host CBC Member or Federation.