Lennox Lewis urges Chris Eubank Jr. to rectify his mistake, employ a full-time trainer

Lewis claimed the undisputed and lineal world title during a stellar career before stepping away from the ring in 2002, whilst Steward was instrumental in his success.

Eubank Jr. has announced his intention to undergo his assault on the super-middleweight division without any figurehead to provide a gamplan in his corner.

Not having that one-on-one advice to fall back on could be a mistake, according to Lewis, who says Eubank should reverse his decision.

“As for the trainer aspects, you always need somebody to be able to tell you where you’re doing something wrong or where there are openings to get to your opponent that you’re not taking advantage of,” Lewis told ITV Box Office.

“A trainer can see little things, as an extra set of eyes, that you may not be able to see yourself in the heat of battle. Emanuel Steward wasn’t my cheerleader or motivational support. He taught me strategy, he pointed out and corrected bad habits. We dissected our opponents’ styles, strengths and weaknesses and worked a plan to beat them.

“I think Chris is making a mistake in that regard to reduce a trainer down to someone who is just pushing him to be fit. A good trainer is so much more than that, and can make a big difference between adding a win to your record or suffering a loss, so this will be interesting to see how he makes any needed adjustments during the fight.”