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Haye says Bellew beginning to see the reality of his situation

The 36 year-old agreed to face Bellew despite being the number one contender for a heavyweight championship chance and aims to shut the Merseysider’s mouth for his consistent public insults.

Haye and Bellew went face-to-face for a taping of Sky Sports’ ‘The Gloves are Off’ on Friday and the veteran was keen to point out his upcoming opponents desire to find any weakness necessary.

“He needs something to get confidence from, and won’t get confidence from my attributes. So he says that I’ve got no heart. He went to back to 2001, back to 2004. This is how far back he went to find these moments where he believes I swallowed it,” Haye told Sky Sports.

“Sometimes you say things so much, you start believing your own lies. The reality of the situation is that he knows how athletic I am, and how hard I hit. So unless he’s going to get a chin transplant…

“He was (also) super-jittery, and super-nervous. He looked fat. He looked like he’s going to get knocked out, real quick,” added ‘The Hayemaker’.

Choosing the Bellew route instead of facing the likes of Joseph Parker will insure Haye is in line for a shot at Anthony Joshua should the Olympic gold medallist defeat Wladimir Klitschko in April, potentially setting up a UK super-fight over the summer.