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Home » Brook on Khan: Demands are extreme, the kid’s in cuckoo land!

Brook on Khan: Demands are extreme, the kid’s in cuckoo land!

Negotiations concluded with the rejection of a 70-30 split offer from Khan’s team to Brook as ‘The Special One’ faces more disappointment in making the fight everyone in his homeland wants to see.

Asked whether he believes Khan is being too unreasonable with the terms, Brook went as far as revealing other stipulations requested by the Bolton man in order to make the fight a reality.

“Of course it’s extreme and not just the split,” Brook explained to Sky Sports.

“He also wants to have the fight in Bolton. He’s also arguing about who comes out first and second. There are many, many things – I could go on all day.

“Seventy-thirty? He wants to give the champion 30 per cent of the cut? He’s completely in cuckoo land, that kid.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn stated he’s willing to bend to a possible 55-45, maybe even 60-40 deal in Khan’s favour, although the ex-super-lightweight king still has to be more realistic if he really wants to seal the deal.

Khan mentioned on a UK TV appearance that his next fight is due to take place in the United States, meaning contracts to fight another welterweight could already be in the works.

That would leave Brook will a big decision to make regarding his own future and could put an end to the Khan fight permanently as a move to super-welterweight remains on the cards.