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Home » Without Amir Khan, Eddie Hearn wants Kell Brook to move up to 154

Without Amir Khan, Eddie Hearn wants Kell Brook to move up to 154

The Matchroom boss now seems content to let the fight simmer until later in 2017, but in the meantime doesn’t want Brook to operate at 147 pounds, which could in-turn mean the Khan fight would have to be agreed at a catchweight down the line.

Speaking firstly about the failing negotiations, Hearn told Sky Sports News HQ: “They felt like a 70-30 split was fair and that’s a split normally you’d associate with a mandatory challenger for a world title Amir Khan doesn’t have. We feel like the split should be 50-50.

“You’re not talking about five per cent. Could I convince Kell Brook’s dad to take five per cent less? Yeah, maybe, and you can get creative around these numbers, but 20 per cent is a borderline insult.

“I think (60-40) is too wide. That doesn’t mean it’s not a discussion that can be had and maybe then you move to 55-45, but for me Kell Brook has to be respected and get what’s right. You can’t just roll over and take a deal you can’t accept.”

On the weight issue facing Brook, he added: “I think this is the right fight, but I will say I think 147lbs for Kell Brook is not a good move. He struggled to make that weight for a long time.

“We moved up to 160lbs and he made it really well. It was a little bit too much weight, but why deplete yourself when you can be a much better fighter at 154?

“He’ll do that for Amir Khan because he wants it so bad, but what he won’t do is have the mickey taken out of him. Is there a middle ground? Maybe, but I think now you’re more likely to see that middle ground come later in the year,” said Hearn.