WBC release list of tested fighters under Clean Boxing in 2016

WBC 24/01/2017

The World Boxing Council ( WBC ) worked diligently with the Voluntary AntiDoping Associattion ( VADA ) as it´s administrator to launch the Clean Boxing Program ( CBP ) around the world during 2016. To better understand what the Clean Boxing Program is, we would like to explain the different chapters of the CBP.

Mandatory random out of competition testings.

All world champions and all top 15 rated fighters are mandated to enrol as otherwise they are removed from the ratings. All boxers are invited to voluntarily enrol in the program.
All testing is under the directive of VADA and the collections procedure is performed by collecting agents from International Agency Clearidium with unannounced visits to the randomly selected fighters by VADA.

All enrolled fighters have the obligation to inform any changes of location throughout the whereabouts process to VADA

Contracted fights CBP testing.

Certain fights are contracted by the promoters for CBP testing by VADA.

Awareness program.

All fighters and members of the boxing industry are encouraged to watch the Webinar which fully explains PED’s and illegal procedures
CBP sends continuous news reports and materials to all enrolled fighters and press releases in general.

Seminars and programs are arranged to explain to groups of fighters and members of boxing community around the world.

Summary of Actions in 2016

* 2016 out of competition boxers testing results.

This process began effectively on October the 1st 2016. All boxers rated in the top 15 who did not enroll into the CBP program were removed from the WBC rankings. Some of those fighters who did not originally enrolled have eventually done so and have returned to the ratings of the WBC as the doors are always open to those fighters who believe in clean boxing and join the WBC/CBP.

Following is the list of fighters who were tested from October-December 2016 through the out of competition, random process.

Bellew, Anthony

Bute, Lucien

Browne, Lucas

Duhaupas, Johann

Garcia, Mickey

Groves, George

Badou, Jack

Mendy, Ivan

Nelson Willy (Missed)

Nielsen Patrick

Porter, Shawn

Povetkin, Alexander (Multiple)

Pulev, Kubrat

Santa Cruz, Leo

Smith, Callum

Smith, Ishe

Smith, Stephen

Stiverne, Bermane (Multiple)

Warrington, Josh

* Contracted fights tested under the CBP program in 2016.






Wilder – Povetkin


* Training of collection officers by Clearidium in 2016. (Luis Escalona)

At the recent WBC convention, one of the most prominent doping collection companies in the world, Clearidium, led by their President & CEO Dr. Rasmus Dansgaard, taught a 2-day course for doping collection officers. Experienced and new officers attended from all over the U.S., as well as from Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Ghana, Jamaica, Lithuania, and Mexico. The course covered the highest standard of blood and urine collection, in addition to in-depth discussion regarding maintaining chain-of-custody. Clearidium performs all VADA’s doping collections. Twelve new trainees were approved and certified as collection agents by the firm. This is the second time the WBC has sponsored this event, and the only course of its kind dedicate to professional boxing.

*Awareness program

The first ever Webinar was launched after a year of production and is the best tool to get the keys of knowledge about PED´s and illegal processes

A total of 20 articles were released and shared with enrolled fighters and members of the boxing community with different topics of interest concerning PED´s, drugs and illegal processes

A unique app to be used by enrolled athletes to inform of whereabouts changes was developed by VADA and is to be launched during the month of February.

The World Boxing Council has as a top priority the Clean Boxing Program and our efforts in search of providing awareness information to the fighters and their camps to help them in gaining knowledge about the dangers of PED’s and illegal procedures.

There is tremendous lack of information in the boxing industry and great concern about substances contained in dietary supplements that are being used voluntarily and in many cases without knowledge that many of those products containing PED’s or illegal substances.

We encourage fighters, trainers, managers, promoters and family members to be in constant research of information and to verify every single substance used and to be very careful with supplements, which many times are contaminated with PED’s.

Let’s continue making boxing great, safe, clean and just.