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Home » Angel Garcia: Danny no underdog, Thurman was made a champion

Angel Garcia: Danny no underdog, Thurman was made a champion

In a quieter moment from the media gathering, Angel gave his well-heard views on the two-belt welterweight battle, which takes place on March 4 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

“March 4 you will see the champion of the world, Danny Garcia, become a unified champion. Danny is a great fighter and he won’t be beat,” said Angel.

“We’re not the underdog here. Danny is the undefeated champion of the world. Thurman is in for a long night. Believe me.

“Thurman is a good fighter and he’s been around for a long time like Danny. I respect him, but they made him a champion. Danny became a champion, and there is a difference.

“Danny is a true champion. March 4 he will still be undefeated. Thurman won’t have an answer for Danny,” he added.

Many boxing insiders see Thurman’s superior power as the telling difference in the fight, although Garcia’s skill cannot be underestimated as both champions defend their undefeated positions.

The winner will be known as the number one and lineal operator at 147 pounds – following in Floyd Mayweather’s path, and may try to entice the former pound for pound king out of retirement – come March 5th.