Promoter Liu Gang takes Chinese prospects to Toowoomba om March 11

TGW & Smithy 23/01/2017
Smithy TGW

CHINA’S NUMBER ONE PROMOTER & TOP FIVE PROMOTER IN THE WORLD LIU GANG is coming back to Toowoomba with two of his brightest prospects on March 11 in Toowoomba.

A Fu Bai will take on Australian super featherweight Champion Brent Rice in an international contest while Zhen Yang Cai meets Queensland super light weight title holder Steven Spark also in an international bout.

“This is huge, it’s China vs Australia, it’s Liu’s two brightest prospects vs two of our brightest young stars,”Brendon Smith said.

“Liu Gang is China’s number one promoter and has one of the strongest stables in World boxing.

“More importantly he understands International boxing and has a very intimate knowledge of Australian boxers.

“He knows what kind of fighters he needs to bring here to be victorious.

“This is a huge test for Brent and Stevie.

“However Brent is an undefeated Australian Champion and Stevie is a Queensland champion so these are the fights they both want and need to take the next step in their careers.

“Also Liu has a formidable record when it comes to his boxers taking on ours.

“So far we’ve had four matches, two in China and two in Toowoomba and the Chinese have won three of them.

“Xu Chan handed Commonwealth Champion Kris George his only loss and both boys have gone to earn World ratings.

“Xu Chan holds a win over Josh Baillie in China as well as Bai Shan Bo earning a victory over Steven Spark, both in China.

“Our only victory was Will Young when he defeated Xinghua Wang and Will described it as the toughest fight of his career.

“We need to move few steps closer to square the ledger.

“Hopefully Brent and Stevie can be victorious on March 11. They’ll have to work hard for their victories.”

It’s a great coup to have Liu Gang return to Toowoomba and it continues the blossoming relationship between Gang’s Max Power Promotions and Brendon Smith’s TGW & Smithy’s Promotions.

Liu Gang’s last two cards have been WBA World title events including a huge dual WBA title card in June where every World delegate of the WBA was present.

“I look forward to coming back to Toowoomba,” Mr Gang said.

“Last time we came to Toowoomba it was the catalyst to Xu Can earning a World rating and he is now knocking on the door for a World title shot.

“I’m hopeful A Fu Bai and Zhen Yang Cai can follow a similar path.

“I think it’s very important to travel with my best and brightest stars.

“Victories overseas against the likes of Australian champions and Queensland champions helps lift my fighters higher in the ratings.

“That’s what we’re coming for, I love Toowoomba and its hospitality but we want to keep our formidable record in tact.

“We want to fly back to China with two wins and two boys I know can follow in the footsteps of Xu Can.

“Both of my fighters are ready to take the next step, they’re both great prospects.

“Brendon Smith believes both of his boys are also great prospects so these are two evenly matched great fights.

“You will see future champions emerge from these two bouts.”

On paper they’re both blockbuster matchups.

A Fu Bai is 7-1 while Brent Rice is 5-0, Zhen Yang Cai is 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw and Steven Spark is 4 wins and 1 loss.

“One thing we know is the Chinese come to fight and that’s what you can guarantee will happen on March 11,” Brendon Smith said.

“Steven Spark’s sole loss came in China to Bai Shan Bo, who has since gone on to win a World Youth title. I know he’s burning for revenge.

“Brent Rice has risen to the top of Australia in just five fights and now gets his chance on the international stage.

“I agree with Liu, star’s will emerge from these two bouts.

“The two winners are names you are going to hear about a lot more in the future.

“A perfect example of what can happen is Kris George and Xu Can.

“Xu Can won the fight and has gone on to win three WBA Regional titles and is ranked number two in the WBA ratings while Kris George rebounded from the only loss of his career and gone on to win the Commonwealth title and a World rating with the WBC.

“That example shows what’s at stake in these two bouts between A Fu Bai and Brent Rice and Zhen Yang Cai and Steven Spark.

“These two bouts are huge draw cards for our TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 16 card on March 11.”