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Frampton hungry to prove Santa Cruz victory was no fluke

The 29 year-old from Belfast scored a career-best win over the Mexican-American last summer, although there have been questions over his opponents state of mind going into the fight.

Santa Cruz’s trainer and father was ill heading into the fight and Frampton is keen to show he has the former multi-weight world champion’s number when the pair collide again, this time at the world famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“I’m hungry to prove that this wasn’t a fluke. I see some people talking on the internet that I got lucky last time or that Leo would have won with his father in camp the whole time. But I believe there is a lot more to come for me. I’ve been performing better this camp than ever before. I think I win this fight more convincingly,” said Frampton.

“I think Leo is a confidence fighter. I think his pride has made him go straight back to the deep end again. He’s always been bigger than his opponents. At both bantamweight and super bantamweight he was bigger. Even though Leo is taller than me, I’m the bigger man. On fight night I’ll be heavier and stronger than him. He’s been able to bully opponents and wear them out, but he can’t do that to me. I think he’s making a big mistake jumping right back in.

“I got drawn in to Leo’s type of fight last time, which made it very exciting. Because of our styles, it’s always going to be a good fight. If it’s two wins to nil for me, I’d rather move on and fight someone like Lee Selby. I just want to be involved in big fights.”