Exclusive: Etches discusses Ryder clash, open to facing Eubank Jr.

Joe Hewlett 22/01/2017

Mark Robinson

Adam Etches will be making his debut at super middleweight come February 4 on the Chris Eubank Jr card against John Ryder.

The Sheffield man has admitted that he feels more comfortable at the weight but hasn’t ruled out a move back down to middleweight.

“Everything is going spot on I’ve been training hard everything’s going good. I could still make middleweight but it’d be a bit of a struggle for me. I believe I’m big enough and strong enough to fight at super middleweight but if there is a chance for me to fight in a big fight at middleweight then I will move back down,” Etches exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m taking one fight at a time and once I’ve beat John Ryder I will then look at the next fight. The goal has always been to become world champion and if you don’t then it’s not worth doing.

“It’s too hard of a sport with the amount of sacrifices you have to make and is a very tough game so I think once a dream of a world title has gone then it’ll be goodbye for me from boxing.”

Ahead of Eubank Jr challenging Ronald Quinlan for the IBO title, Etches has defended him after receiving criticism in selecting the opponent.

“To be honest the longer you’re involved in boxing, the less their opinions matter because whatever Eubank seems to do there is something negative being said about him. It’s probably the same for me and Ryder.

“Don’t get me wrong the IBO title is not as good as a WBC title, but you wouldn’t complain and I would still class you as world champion. It’s a good tool to have for a unification fight down the road so I think they’ve made a good move.”

‘The Birley Bomber’ has also declared an interest of fighting Eubank Jr if the opportunity arrives later this year.

“I’d love to fight Eubank, he has improved a hell of a lot since he first turned pro. I was looking at him thinking it’d be an easy night’s work but now at the minute he’s ahead of me in terms of big wins against opponents.

“It’s a fight that I’ve always wanted and know it would be a real tough fight,” he added.

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