Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather admits betting millions at once, says promoting is not cash-driven

Mayweather regularly posts payouts in the tens and hundreds of thousands to his millions of followers, although the 39 year-old has now admitted those flutters have ventured into seven figures at times.

“It started when I was a kid, when you and a friend can’t agree on something,” Mayweather told ESPN’s Ben Fawkes.

“You’re always competing against one another, always watching sports, it was little small betting. Like you’d bet lunch, dinner, when you’re a kid. Or a candy bar or a bag of chips. But when you get a little bit older, a teenager, I bet you a dollar, two dollars. And then once you get to the big-boy league, you become an adult, you get to sportsbook betting and that’s how it all started for me.”

Asked by Fawkes about the thousands he gambled, Mayweather corrected by saying: “Sometimes millions (on one game).

“The two best places to bet are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. We the best. If everyone had it, it would be a problem. Las Vegas is the best place because we have it mastered.”

At a recent press conference for his involvement with the return of Adrien Broner, Mayweather also stated his pacts with all his fighters are not due to a bid to add anything to his bank account.

“I love being a promoter and giving back to young fighters,” he said.

“I didn’t become a promoter to make money. I did it because I want to make money for fighters and make their dreams come true.

“My company is easy to work with, because we’re only focused on the fighters,” added Mayweather.