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Home » Haye at 227lbs, Bellew at 225 eight weeks from London clash

Haye at 227lbs, Bellew at 225 eight weeks from London clash

Despite being a cruiserweight and Haye competing at heavyweight for almost a decade, Bellew took the March 4 bout at The O2 in London fight without a catchweight.

Haye regularly weighed in around 215 pounds for his top division outings in the past, but returned from a four-year absence in 2016 at ten pounds higher.

As plenty of time remains, and with Haye already at 227, the two-weight world champion could be looking for speed over bulk as the man in the opposite corner is not a fully-fledged heavyweight.

WBC cruiserweight title holder Bellew has still packed on the pounds though and by his own admission is enjoying one of his best camps.

“I’m in great shape and am ready to go. At the moment, I am 225lbs and my preparation is fantastic,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

“While he is posing in the sun, I am grafting in the cold, but it is what it is, we will see.

“I wouldn’t change my location for the world, I am a proud Scouser and love going to Goodison Park every other week to watch Everton.

“I’m not a poser or one for the beach, especially in winter, I’m more of a family man who likes to be at home. I graft very hard and get that work done at home, I won’t be posing for any Baywatch auditions any time soon.”