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Floyd Mayweather backs reformed Adrien Broner to return big

Broner, 27, will have been out of action some ten months when he faces Adrian Granados on February 18 in Ohio, having been involved in outside problems for the majority of his time away.

Now back and with a positive outlook, Mayweather sees the previously troubled Broner having a major part to play at the forefront of boxing moving forward.

“The sport of boxing is so interesting and there are so many great fights coming up. This is an important fight for the sport in a stretch where there are a lot of exciting matchups.

“I’m proud of Adrien Broner. He’s had a minor setback leading to major comeback. He’s going to come back better than ever. But he can’t overlook this opponent. You can look up and all of a sudden you’re down.

“No one can overlook Adrian Granados. It’s a really good matchup. This guy definitely reminds me of Marcos Maidana. I don’t know if he can punch like him, but the style and aggressiveness is there. He’s always in action packed fights.

“Adrien has speed and power, but I’m looking to see Adrien throwing combinations. That’s what some fighters lack nowadays. We think too much about ‘Money’ Mayweather, and forget about ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd. He had a 90 percent knockout rate. I think we need to see an aggressive Adrien that will throw combinations while staying smart.

“Both fighters have great trainers and great teams. I’ve helped pave the way for these guys, but so have these trainers. They’ve helped bring these men to this point. I think they both have potential to be stars.”