Exclusive: Chris Eubank Jr. gives thoughts on Nick Blackwell spar

Joe Hewlett 14/01/2017

Nick Blackwell was unable to attend a meeting with the British Board of Control after it was confirmed he was too unwell.

The hearing took place on Wednesday in Cardiff after an unsanctioned sparring session led to Blackwell undergoing brain surgery.

Blackwell retired from boxing after being left in an induced coma following his following his fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

A concerned Eubank Jr. is hoping Blackwell can recover as quickly as possible.

“I haven’t actually heard what has happened to Nick and its news to me that he is struggling to walk because of his injury,” Eubank Jr. exclusively told World Boxing News.

“The main thing is that he can talk and has all the support from his family and loved ones. “


The BBBofC have confirmed Trainer Liam Wilkins has had his license removed whilst boxer Hasan Karkardi has been suspended for six months.

Eubank Jr. agrees that the pair deserved to be punished for their actions but believes Blackwell would also have questions to answer.

“I can understand Nick wanting to get back in the ring because it’s the sport he lives and breathes for, but he shouldn’t have sparred.

“It was irresponsible of the people in the gym to let him into the ring to spar but Nick is his own man and he makes his own decisions.

“It’s a shame but I just hope he makes a quick recovery.”

John, the father of Blackwell, gave an update on his condition earlier this week.

He had told the Wiltshire Times: ““We’re still positive but it’s going to take a while. People think that because he’s out of his coma now he’ll suddenly be out and about, but that’s far from the case.”

“We just have to take each day as it comes and hope he carries on how he’s going,” he added.

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